Nick Goecks
I was born and raised in Kiel, Wisconsin, graduated from Kiel high school in 2014, and I'm currently attending the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, studying mechanical engineering. I'm a die-hard country boy and I absolutely can't get enough of the great outdoors. In fall, when I'm not chasing big Wisconsin whitetails, you can find me hammerin' on a goose call in a cut corn field, or cuttin' down mallards in the duck marsh. Once the snow finally melts in spring you can bet I'll be looking for deer sheds and giving thunder chickens dirt naps. In summer, some of my hobbies include bowfishing and golfing. No matter what I'm doing outdoors, I thank God for every opportunity I have to enjoy His beautiful creations with my friends and family.

Mitch Goecks
I'm From Kiel, WI.  I was born with a love and appreciation for the outdoors in my blood.  My time in Fall is spent exclusively outdoors, the only time I come inside is to sleep.  My winters are spent ice fishing, spring and summer, I fish exclusively for bass, with the the exception of a few turkey hunts between April and May.  I am an avid deer hunter, turkey hunter, and waterfowl hunting is another huge passion of mine.  I am currently enrolled as a student at Lakeshore Technical College, going for Graphic and Web Design.  I have my father to thank for introducing me to God's beautiful outdoor creations.  My brother, Nick, and I are a team when it comes to hunting, and laying down the best footage possible. As a kid, I never owned a video game system, even then, my time was spent outside in the yard 'playing' hunting with my brother.  We would go so far as to tape turkey feathers on each others back, and shoot at each other with pop guns pretending one of us was a turkey and the other was a hunter.  I wouldn't trade my life for anybody else's.  I love what I do and Im going to keep doing it. 

Andrew Ebert
I grew up in Benson, Minnesota and have been around hunting my whole life. This may mean I am a Viking fan, but the Packers are my second choice. At the age of 5 my dad, uncle, and grandpa introduced me to hunting, and have been hunting myself for 12 years. My favorite animal to pursue is definitely the whitetail deer, and have had the opportunity to hunt them in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. I also love to hunt turkey, coyote, waterfowl, and pheasant. My friend Lewis introduced me to the sport of bow hunting my sophomore year of high school, and when I moved to Wisconsin in 2009 for college I became obsessed with it. Zach and I are cousins but also really good friends and go hunting every chance we get. We started filming in 2010, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Sean VanderWaal
I grew up hunting whitetails and turkeys in beautiful Sheboygan County. Since I can remember the outdoors have always been an extremely important part of my life. There is nothing like the thunder of gobbler when he is right in your face, or being close enough to a monster whitetail to hear him breathing. Hunting for Wisconsin Whitetail Pursuit not only gives me the chance to have these experience, but also to share them with other hunters from across the beautiful state of Wisconsin. I currently live in River Falls, WI where I continue to live passionately in God's great outdoors and produce heart-pounding hunting footage for Wisconsin hunters to enjoy!

Nate Holland

Hunting has been a passion for me ever since I can remember.  Whether, it was tagging along with my dad for a turkey hunt or helping push brush during gun deer season, I never could seem to get enough. Over the years I have been blessed to harvest a number of respectable bucks and seen even more boss gobblers get hammered down.  My favorite memories growing up were hunting with my dad and grandpa, and I hope I can pass those memories down to my two kids someday.  As the President for the local NWTF chapter and one of the local high school trap coaches, I try to give back so that everyone can have the opportunity to pursue wild game across the country.  I would not be able the get out and hunt nearly as much without my lovely wife.   From September to January, I don't know how she puts up with the countless bins of camo, constant "dirt" smell in the dryer, and 3 AM alarms. For the last four years I have been a huge fan of Wisconsin Whitetail Pursuit and its been a dream come true to become a part of this family. To some hunting is a hobby, to me its a lifestyle.  

Austin Loeffelholz

I grew up in the hills of southwest Wisconsin hunting and trapping anything and everything that I could. From sitting in the stand waiting on a whitetail, to following my dogs through the woods chasing raccoons all night, to trapping muskrats in the creek I love it all. I am the Platteville High School trap team head coach and Vice-President of the Southwest Wisconsin Coon Hunters Club. I do what I love and love what I do because some day I might not be able to do it anymore.