Introducing Season 5 of Wisconsin Whitetail Pursuit. There are a few changes you guys are sure to be excited about! This year, rather than producing a DVD we are bringing semi live episodes to you! You have the ability to follow along with the WWP crew throughout the season free of charge! So we invite you to tag along, experience our experiences and share your own with us We are excited to see what Season 5 has in store! 

Episode 5:1 "Palmer"
Opening Week Austin and Nate are able to capitalize on a buck that has been on their radar for a few years. Appropriately named "Palmer" this Wisconsin brute comes as a result of hard work and preseason preparation. Sam takes care of some doe management as well!

Episode 5:2 "The Sap Shack"
Brad and Travis continue to fill the freezer. Travis takes a nice doe from a blind built off of the back of his families sap shack. 

Episode 5:3 "Self Filming"

During what is often referred to as the "October Lull"  Sam is able to capitalize on an opportunity with a Wide 8 in Waukesha County. 


Episode 5:4 "End of the Spell" 

Cody moves in on a big 10 point in Iowa County to end his three year slump! 

Episode 5:5 "Freezer Mission"

Nate and Sam head out in Late October to take a couple does off of his Southwest Wisconsin Farm. Meat Mission: Success!

Episode 5:6 "A First for Everything" 

Lindsey and her cousin, Cody, hit the woods of Southwestern Wisconsin in search of her first deer with the bow. After grunting in a big buck, Lindsey was able to get it done- and all on film! 

Episode 5:7 "Buck of a Lifetime" 

After two years of history with this big 12 point Travis was finally able to get an arrow in this Wisconsin Bruiser! 


Episode 5:8 "Bitter Sweet Gun Opener"

Sam and his wife Christie have an eventful opening day in Southeast Wisconsin. Christie is able to get it done on a big ol buck! 

Episode 5:9 " Thanksgiving Morning"

Join Sam and Matt in an old hickory tree somewhere in Jefferson Co. on Thanksgiving morning as they knock down the biggest whitetail of WWP history. This deer is a giant!


Episode 5:10 "Last Chance" 

Two great Wisconsin bucks in one Episode! Andrew kicks it off with a nice 8 that he has some history with while Nate fights off sickness for a late season Muzzleloader buck!

 Episode 5:11 "Every Effort" 

This summer Andrew set up a watering hole on this Wisconsin ridgetop. Deer have been utilizing it frequently as an alternative to heading down the ridge to a creek bottom. In late October it pays off and he gets a shot at a beautiful Wisconsin 9 Point.